You're having a bad day?!?

There's a funny thing about bad days. Most folks use other people's misery to feel better about their own situation.   We also try to show others that their situation is not as bad as someone else's misfortune. 

Job had a life that is so hard even though he was faultless before God.  Job had a holy reverence for God.  He truly feared God.  Job was wealthy. He had a great family and everything was going his way.  The tempter stated that Job would rebuke God if everything was taken away.  This proved wrong.  The evil one then stated if Job lost his health he would turn away from God.  He was wrong.  

Job does not sin by his submission.  

Why???  40 chapters of why? How?  What happened to me?

The retrobution principle is:  Jobs life is a result of how he's living (good actions result in blessings from God,  bad actions result in punishment).  Job must not have been living right.  The cosmic reward for what you do or Murphys Law is not based on Scripture.  Suffering is not our fault.  Retrobution is not how God works in our lives.

Context of scriptures are key!  The end of story cannot be skipped.  God is not and cannot be the author of evil in this world.  The restoration of our world is coming but we will hurt in the mean time.  This is not easily understood, we must strive for the kingdom even amidst trouble.   Do not worry today for troubles that will occur tomorrow.

Happiness does not equal JOY.  The message to do whatever makes me happy now has wrecked many lives.  This shallow interpretation of what we want causes us to miss the mark.  The Christian message provides so much more.  Innocent suffering is sometimes a way to know God better.  Jesus life is the example of perfect suffering.  He died in a way that we can't truly understand.   Job is a small reflection of Christ.

Suffering can be unexpected rest assured that  God is with us and will always be with us.   Amen!