Morgan's Chapel United Methodist Church

6325 Bon Secour Highway
Bon Secour, Alabama 36511
United States

We are called to be the visible love of Jesus Christ in our community!

We welcome you to join us on Sundays:

  • 8:30 am for Sunday School

  • 9:30 am for Worship

We have  infant care. Come spend some time with our church family, learn about Jesus and have a cup of coffee and snacks after worship fellowship!!

We hope to see you soon!

Rain upon your Heart

There is something about an old Church. 

A small building filled near capacity, 

On a rain drenched Sunday, 

that simply stirs the soul.

The building itself is not the church. 

It is the backdrop in the image. 

The place where voices fill the air, 

and members are filled with love.

A love for God and for each other. 

They didn’t have to be taught, 

that their fellow members had come, 

 to worship together, to become a family.

Many voices merge into the chorus. 

Singing the songs that others wrote. 

The songs are ageless like the Bible 

from which they sprung.

It is on days like today,

that strike me the most.

Of listening to our Pastor

as the rain softly pelts the windows

It is times like this that we really know,

that there is hope in this world.

It is times like this that we feel,

the most complete.

So let it rain, let it rain.

Let it cleanse your soul

as hearts join in worship.

Let it Rain upon your Heart this day.


For Morgans Chapel 9/2/2018